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Qing Flowers Forever preserves your wedding flowers such as your Bridal bouquet, Bridesmaids bouquet, Flower girl bouquet, Boutonniere flower or Corsage flower into a painting on canvas. The painting with your flowers will last forever.

Qing Flowers Forever is a part of Qing Art Gallery. Qing Dong our artist has loved flowers since she was a little girl. In 1999 as a hobby she started to learn how to press flowers preserve flowers arrange flowers into all kinds of pictures and frame them. When she visited friends of hers she often brought a framed pressed flower over as a gift. In 2000 she started to learn oil and acrylic painting. Since then she has created more than fifty oil and acrylic paintings.

You could go to the website www.QingArtGallery.com to view some of her paintings.

During the past few years she has come to realize that she could combine her pressed flowers technique and painting technique together. This process creates a unique actual flower painting on canvas suitable for many occasions such as wedding birthday etc. The color of the created actual flowers on the painting will remain unchanged. The most important feature of these paintings is that they will last a very long time. This is very meaningful for those who would like their special occasions to be remembered forever. If you would like us to create an actual flowers painting or have your own ideas for the painting please contact us and we will always do our best to incorporate your ideas into your painting.

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