Jun 102015

Your wedding day will be the most photographed day of your life. Need I say more??? Oh ok, I will!

Looking your best should be your #1 concern. You’ll be wearing a dress that was fitted especially for you. You selected those beautiful flowers, you will be wearing some very special “bling” and your hair has been styled with gorgeous tendrils hanging down your face or you had it put up in a braided bun and finally your veil is placed in its perfect space.

When all this is happening, why would you overlook your bridal makeup?

Every bride should be absolutely thrilled with her pictures and to feel beautiful on her wedding day. Having said that, hiring a wedding makeup artist for your wedding day is as important as reciting your wedding vows. It’s also just as important to get your bridal party to get there makeup done too. Wedding pictures look so much better when everyone’s makeup looks perfect.

Even though you apply your makeup perfectly all the time, you should really consider not doing your own makeup for your wedding. The reasons are this… your everyday makeup will look different in photographs in different types of light. Some makeup brands can photograph very shiny and make you look oily or sweaty – and nobody likes to be shiny in their photos! Other types of makeup products can also make you look extremely pale especially when your photographer uses any sort of flash, like in dimly lit houses of worship or large function halls. The same rules apply to your bridesmaids, just because they are good at makeup, it doesn’t mean they know the ins and outs of wedding makeup.

It is always best to work with a professional makeup artist who can use products that won’t result in looking like you just ran a 5k and are all flush red or that you are so white that you could pass as a cousin to Casper the Ghost.

You will have so much on your mind on the day of your wedding, there will be so much going on in the room and around you. The only way you will get a moment to yourself is if you are sitting in your makeup artists chair and enjoying a little peace and serenity in the hands of your wedding makeup artist.

This blog is contributed by Nancy Gorman of Makeup by Nancy. Nancy is a professional wedding makeup artist based out of North Shore Massachusetts. Nancy also offers other makeup services such as proms, girls night and lessons. Visit Nancy’s website www.makeupbynancy.com to learn more about her, see her work and her offered services.

Nancy believes that makeup shouldn’t disguise you, it should enhance you. Therefore you will be naturally beautiful on your wedding day!

May 152014

Remember the “GoGurt” TV commercial showing a mother wearing a ridiculously tacky smoky eye? Don’t let this scare you into trying something new. You would be shocked at how beautiful a sexy romantic smoky eye may look when done professionally for your wedding day makeup!

There are so many variables to a smoky eye. Which in turn make it acceptable all year round. Darker shades are mainly used in the cooler months (fall/winter) or evening events. During warmer months a softer or even brighter colors can be worn. Makeup is a work of art so there are no definite rules as what should be worn when & where. It really is up to the individual & us as makeup artists to guide a client to a look that is suited for them. Because not everyone can pull off a super smoky eye & that’s when a lighter variation of it comes into play.

The smoky eye can be worn soft, medium or dramatic, whatever the mood strikes. Pair it with some lashes, a subtle or a bold eyeline and then compliment it with a soft lip and you have a very glamorous wedding day look. Consider trying it out for your makeup trial to see how you like it. It can be done with shades of black/gray, browns/neutrals and even variants of purple. Don’t worry if you don’t know what shade is right for you, ask your wedding makeup artist who will be able to create a beautiful look designed just for you!

(Article by Makeup by Nancy and Images provided by Makeup by Nancy as an example of her work.)

Apr 272014

Bridal gown shopping can be the most exciting part of your wedding planning!  Perhaps you have already started flipping through the pages of bridal magazines, online wedding resources, and wedding blogs to get some ideas of what you like and, equally important, what you don’t like, in wedding gowns.  Style, fabric, length, accessories, – there are so many decisions to be made!  You want to look and feel confident on your wedding day and your gown is truly the basis of your bridal look.  So, what’s a bride to do?

Whether you have been dreaming about your gown since you were a child or it has just recently dawned on you that you are about to purchase the most important dress of your life (feel the pressure yet?), it’s time to hit the Boston area bridal shops and find that perfect dress for you! Maybe you are a fashionista and know the latest trends in bridal gowns.  Or this entire process might be entirely new for you.  Either way, we’ve come up with some great tips to keep in mind before you say “I do” to your wedding dress!

1)      First thing’s first.  Know your budget.  Any bridal shop consultant will ask you what your budget is before showing you gowns.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard brides say they tried dresses on out of their budget, fell in love, and then cannot afford them.  It breaks my heart just to hear it!  No one ever wants to be in that position because no other dress will ever compare once you have that “one” in the back of your mind.  Trust me – stick to gown within your budget!  Don’t forget to account for alterations costs.  Typical alterations (dress length and waist adjustments) might run you $200 if not more.

2)      Narrow down the list of bridal stores in your area.  Everyone has a website these days so do your homework.  Find out if they take walk-ins or if appointments are necessary.  Keep in mind that many bridal stores that require appointments generally schedule appointments to last one hour.  Ask in advance what the store’s policies are.

3)      Decide who want at your bridal appointments.  While you may want to share the experience with your immediate family, closest friends, or future mother-in-law, keeping the group on the smaller side will be more beneficial in the long run.  Bring only 2-3 key people to your appointments.  If someone has offered to buy the gown for you, definitely include them!  Too many individuals just means too many opinions – and sometimes that really doesn’t work in your favor.  Keep it simple with the people whose opinions matter most, who you trust, and most importantly, who you want to share the experience with.

4)      Come prepared.  If you can, bring in photos of bridal gowns you like from the research you have done.  Rip out magazine pictures, print photos from online.  This will help your bridal consultant tremendously.  Even if you only like one or two features from a certain gown, the consultant will get to know your likes and dislikes and the styles you will most likely prefer.

5)      Be open-minded.  You may have always had visions of wearing a ballgown.  But when you actually try one on, you may be surprised as to how big it actually is!  Throw in wearing this gown for 12 hours and trying to dance in it!  Try on at least one gown from every general style – ballgown, A-line, fit and flare / trumpet, mermaid, sheath, tea-length, and cocktail length.  You’ll find out what you feel comfortable in and what is most flattering for your figure.














6)      Consider your venue.  Indoor hotel / ballroom / country club-type settings allow for just about any type of gown.  But if your wedding is outdoors or if you are planning a seaside wedding, consider something flow-y rather than a traditional gown.  Often times, simple gowns are more elegant.

Isabelle Armstrong Spring 2015













7)      Look at current trends.  A few years back, it seemed wedding dresses were almost a little cookie-cutter – the majority of dresses were strapless A-lines.  The reason?  The style is flattering on every body type.  While you’ll still be able to find these gowns just about anywhere you shop, we’re fortunate to see so many other styles of gowns out there to consider.  This year, we are seeing gowns with lace, color, straps and sleeves, simple with a blank white canvas, those with tremendous beading (or bling!), and dresses in every possible length from cocktail to cathedral.  Have fun when you are shopping and keep open minded!

Vera Wang pink 2014 Ines DiSanto Spring 2015













8)      Give yourself time.   Most gowns take at least 6 months if not longer to come in once ordered.  Add in time to actually shop for and decide on a dress!  Time to get moving!

9)      Fit in time for fittings!  Once your gown arrives in the bridal shop, allow for at least 2 if not more fittings to get that gown looking like it was made for you.  While it may seem like a hassle to go back and forth to appointments, you really need to leave the alterations to the pros.  Remember to bring the undergarments you plan on wearing on your wedding day and your bridal shoes so the alterations team can do their jobs right.  Make sure when you leave with the gown that you are 100% satisfied.  If that means dancing around the fitting room to make sure the dress doesn’t move or slip from your body, do it!  You definitely don’t want any accidents on your wedding day.

10)  Choose a gown that YOU love.  This is your wedding gown and you have to LOVE it! It’s easy to get caught up with a gown your entire family and wedding party loves.  But if it isn’t you, don’t give in to make everyone else happy.  You are the bride!  This is your day and you need to love your gown and feel confident.

Good luck and happy shopping!  Be sure to visit Premier Bride for a listing of Boston Bridal Salons.

By:  Rita Tatem a wedding blogger for the Boston-area for over 3 years on her site Bridalista.com.

Mar 082014

Congrats on your engagement!  When the initial excitement from your family and friends has settled, one of the very first questions you will be asked is “have you set a date?”   The only way you can set a date is to select a venue and find out their availability.  Whether you have had your reception venue chosen since the age of 10 or have a list of 10 places to consider, it’s important to go in prepared.  A meeting with the wedding coordinator of a potential venue is the best way to figure out if that venue is the best space for you.  Online research is great – you can learn a lot about a venue by reading their website, blog, visiting their online galleries of real weddings, and reading reviews by former clients on different wedding review websites.   But seeing the venue in person and discussing all of those great wedding details with the folks who will essentially be running the show on one of the most important days of your life, well, is imperative.

So, what do you do?  You go in with a list of questions.  Sure, they will give you their spiel, a tour of the facility, and a rundown of the costs involved.  But this is your chance to find out everything you need to know to make your decision.  Is this your wedding venue?  If you ask all the necessary questions, you’ll walk out of the appointment with the necessary information needed to help make your decision.  You should know if this is a place you can envision your wedding taking place or not.

Need help crafting your list of questions?  Let’s start with these:

1)      What is your availability? (for the season of the year you are considering your wedding)

2)      What are the menu and bar options?

3)      Is there a food and beverage minimum that needs to be met?

4)      Is there a different food and beverage minimum on Fridays and Sundays?

5)      Do you have any vendor restrictions or a list of preferred vendors I must work with?

6)      At what time can vendors arrive to set up (this is very important for a band, DJ, florist, designer, etc. to set up) and when do they need to make sure the room is cleared?

7)      Do you have any restrictions for favors (anything alcoholic or edible)?

8)      When do you need to know the final head count?

9)      When are deposits and balances due?

10)   How do you handle staff gratuity?

11)   Who will be on site the day of my wedding to handle logistics?

12)   What do you offer as far as table, chair, and linen choices?

Chair Covers & Linens

13)   Is there a fee for use of the room?

14)   What is the length of time we can have the space?

15)   Is there an area or a room we can freshen up (or a room if your venue is a hotel).

16)   What are the parking options for guests?

17)   Is there a coat check area?

18)   How many restrooms will we have access to and may we bring in bathroom toiletries baskets?

19)   How many other events could possibly be taking place the day of my wedding?

20)   Are there any restrictions on candles and open flames?

21)   How does the tasting work?

22)   How many guests can you accommodate?

23)   Can you host the ceremony here as well?

Outdoor Ceremony

24)   Where can we set up a cocktail hour?

25)   Do we have access to any outdoor areas?

26)   If a hotel, do you offer a room block with a discounted rate for guests?

27)   Can we bring in our own caterers?

28)   Are there any restrictions on dessert tables?

29)   How much do you charge for vendor meals?

30)   What is your cancellation policy?

There are several other questions you can ask, depending on your needs and situation.  But this list should provide you with a good starting point.

So, are you ready to find your perfect reception venue?  I’ve got to say the best place to begin is right here on Premier Bride’s Advanced Venue Search.  Talk about saving you a ton of time! (And we all know that as a bride to be, any free time you have will be dedicated to wedding planning!) The Advanced Venue Search is simple and convenient.  All you have to do is plug in a few details and voila! – you have a great list of potential venues tailored to your personal wedding needs!    Your personalized list will be based on estimated number of guests, venue type, location, any special wishes you might have (such as “waterfront”), and let’s not forget one of the most important factors – cost.  The Advanced Venue Search is such a great tool for any bride to be.  Personally, I think it’s one of the most useful tools on pbboston.com and you get your personalized list in a matter of seconds.  Can’t be that!

For more information, check out the Advanced Venue Search here.

Before you know it, you’ll be announcing “we set a date”!

By:  Rita Tatem a wedding blogger for the Boston-area for over 3 years on her site Bridalista.com.

Feb 182014

Wedding Day Expositions will be holding their annual bridal show at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster this Sunday February 23rd from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Wedding Day Expositions Ocean Edge

Pre-Register online for Your FREE VIP Pass

Oct 212013

Congratulations on your engagement!  Once you and your fiancé are ready to answer the age-old question , “Have you set a date?” from countless friends and family members, it’s time to select your wedding vendors.  Luckily, Boston is a mecca of talented and reputable vendors, so you’re in good hands if you do your homework.  While some of it may seem stressful at times, this is such an amazing part of your life together that it’s best if you can try to enjoy it without it getting too overwhelming.  So, if you are looking to have a great time finding vendors and, let’s face it, a great way to get your groom involved in the wedding planning process, start thinking about your wedding entertainment!

To get things kicked off, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you begin the journey to find the perfect reception entertainment:

Determine your budget and wedding logistics. Couples generally allocate approximately 10% of their wedding budget to be spent on reception music.  Also, consider the number of hours you want the entertainment for, taking into consideration that each additional hour past their base number will cost you an additional amount.  Remember to also ask vendors about their travel distance and if there is a cost involved for weddings over a certain number of miles away from downtown Boston.

DJ or live band? If you are having a difficult time deciding between the two, weigh the advantages to each of them and what they mean to you as a couple, your wedding reception setting, and of course, your budget.  DJs generally are more affordable than live bands.  At the same time, some would argue nothing can be the sound of a live band performing at a wedding.   Reach out to both so you make the best educated decision.  You may want your guests dancing the night away to the latest hits, and realize a DJ is the best option for you.  Or, once you examine the age range of your guests, a live band who is talented in covering a variety of music genres may be the best option.

Image courtesy Bostons Wedding Entertainment

Music samples. Both DJs and bands should offer a website that lists sample song lists, audio music clips, and video clips from past weddings.  These three elements should give you a really good sense of the types of music they can entertain your guests with.   You’ll also get the sense of their stage presence, which can help you determine if they are the right for your venue and music preferences.

Live performances.  Live bands in particular will always offer several dates and times for you and other engaged couples to see them perform live.  Whether it’s a “band showcase” at a local establishment where several weddings bands perform or perhaps you see a band performance at a corporate event, take advantage of seeing them perform live.   This is the closest thing you will have to see what they will be like on your wedding day.  Does the band make you want to get up and dance?  What is their stage presence like?  How are others in attendance reacting to the band?

References and recommendations.   Any reputable DJ or band will offer a list of references of past clients to you.  In fact, many will list quotes on their website from happy couples who were pleased to work with them for their wedding.  If references are not offered, don’t be afraid to ask for them.  Also, if you have been to any functions or weddings recently where you particularly enjoyed the music, find out who the performers were.  And don’t forget to talk to other brides who have gotten married in the Greater Boston area over the past few years.  Oftentimes the best way to find a vendor is from a past client.

Image from TSG Weddings

Reception Restrictions. Just to be on the safe side, talk to your wedding reception venue to find out if there are any restrictions for wedding entertainment.  There may be issues such as acoustics that they would want you to keep in mind, especially if the venue has several function rooms with the potential of other events (with competing music) going on the same time as your wedding.  Also, your venue might have a preferred vendor list (vendors they have worked with in the past and trust) that might be helpful for you in your decision making process.

Contracts.  Once you have selected a vendor, review their contract in detail, and then read it again.  If you have questions, ask them, and don’t be afraid to speak up if something doesn’t seem right.  Contracts should also explicitly state when the deposit and balance is due.

Remember, while a lot of this may seem overwhelming at first, your wedding and any vendor choice you make is a reflection of you and your fiancé as a couple.  Follow these guidelines and stick to what you love and what feels to be the best fit for you!

Click here to find Boston Wedding DJ’s

Click here to find more Boston Entertainment choices

Today’s post by our new Guest Blogger Rita Tatem

Rita Tatem has a MBA with a concentration in Marketing and over ten years of experience in Marketing, Writing, and Event Planning.  She has a true passion for weddings and is continuously keeping up with the latest trends and Boston-area wedding resources to assist local brides in their wedding planning process.  She aims to make the wedding planning process a simpler and enjoyable process for brides everywhere.  She has been a wedding blogger for the Boston-area for over 3 years on her site Bridalista.com.

Oct 082012


Fall Boston Bridal Show


Sunday October 14th Boston Bridal Show

Exchange Conference Center

212 Northern Ave Boston MA 02210

11:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Fashion Show by La Reine Bridal, Seminars and many of Boston’s best wedding professionals.

Pre-register online for FREE VIP Passes www.weddingdayonline.com

View Listings for Upcoming Boston Bridal & Trunk Shows

Jan 052012

Happy New Year & Congratulations to all of you who got engaged over the holidays!  Take a breath and relax.  You will want to start thinking about where to begin… what kind of dress do I want, where will we hold the reception, how many guests to invite.  The list continues from here.  Well your in luck because this weekend there are 2 Bridal Shows in Boston that will help to get you started.

Wedding Gala Boston

Wedding Gala at The Boston Public Library

Friday night you can attend The Wedding Gala at The Boston Public Library from 6 to 9 PM.  You will be able to tour the library facilities, see a fashion show and meet with premiere wedding vendors.  Pre-Register at www.weddinggalaboston.com/ to be entered into the prize drawings and have fun.

Wedding Day Expo Seaport Trade Center

On Sunday January 8th plan on coming to the Seaport Trade Center for Wedding Day Expo’s Boston Show.  Meet Wedding Professionals One-on-One, Plan & Organize Your Entire Wedding, Register to Win Fabulous Prizes, Fashion Shows by La Reine Bridal.  Pre-Register online for discounted tickets.

From there you’ll want to visit our web site Premier Bride Boston for planning tips, decorating ideas, the latest Bridal Gown fashions,and access to some of the area’s top wedding vendors.  We will keep you up to date with where the Bridal Trunk shows are happening as well as other local area bridal shows and so much more.


Nov 192011

Wedding Gala Boston is coming to the historic Boston Public Library Friday evening January 6th, 2012 from 6 to 9 PM.   They are starting their pre-show bridal giveaways November 25th. Be sure to register online at www.weddinggalaboston.com to enter and visit their Facebook page Wedding Gala Boston to view their current weekly giveaway! ​​Contact diane@weddinggalaboston.com or 617.797.8263 with any questions.

May 032011

Wednesday evening from 6-9 Pm New England Bridal Affair is hosting a bridal show at the recently renovated Andover Inn in historic Andover Massachusetts.  This wedding expo will feature some of New England’s finest wedding vendors.  Join us as we showcase the Finest wedding services at our next event.

For more information visit http://www.newenglandbridalaffair.com

(978) 479-3616 or email clara@bostonbridalaffair.com


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